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Fee Free Service

At IFO we offer a fee free service for advising on and arranging mortgages.  Whether it’s a purchase or remortgage, simple or complicated, residential or buy to let, new or old.  It doesn’t matter we don’t charge.

We’re paid by the lenders the same as other advisers, the difference is we don’t charge a fee in addition to this. So, we are being paid, just not by you.

Reasons to use us

Fee Free Service

When arranging mortgages and insurance we are paid by the lenders and providers so you don’t have to pay us.  The majority of advisers do charge but we don’t feel there is a need to.  It doesn’t matter if its your first mortgage, your last, a purchase, remortgage a buy to let or something else.  It doesn’t matter if you’re staying with your existing lender or changing to a new one.  We won’t charge you for this service.  We are being paid, just not by you.


We are Independent, this means we aren’t tied or affiliated with any particular lender or provider.  We can submit business to any provider that wants it.

Whole of Market

We are whole of market; this means we can submit business to the whole of the market.  This includes the big lenders that you will be familiar with, as well as the smaller lender that you maybe haven’t.  By having that unrestricted access, it means we can get you the most suitable mortgage for you.


Whilst we do many simple mortgages, due to the volumes we handle, the many complex cases we are able to source and our success rate being well above the industry average, we are very proud to be able to call ourselves specialists.

Over 50 years industry experience

The team has a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry, we’ve arranged thousands of mortgages and insurance policies and you can rest assured you’re in good hands when you decide to do business with us.

Over 20 years trading on the same site

We were set up in 2001 at 22 Finkle Street, we bought 24 Finkle Street in 2002 and moved in once the renovations were complete.  We’ve been here a long time and have no intention of going anywhere, anytime soon.

Reasons not to use us

We don’t offer home appointments

Many advisors will happily charge you a fee typically £500 but it can be anything up to £3,000 and many of them will come to your home to do everything for you.  The alternative of course is you could come to us and not pay the fee.



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