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JP Harll – Selling with our in-house estate agent

After years of seeing frustrated clients, paying over the odds for a sub-standard service with estate agents.  We encouraged the birth of JP Harll.  They are our in-house estate agents

Should you be looking to move home, JP Harll are the company we would recommend.  Not just because they’re run by family, but for a variety of reasons.

Their static charging structure gives the clarity people want.  You don’t need to negotiate on price, you can find out how much they’re going to charge you by going on their website so you know before you contact them.

Client feedback, reviews and testimonials show that the high level of service they offer is above and beyond what people expect and as a result they are regularly recommended publicly by existing and previous clients. 
In addition to this they are also regularly recommended by top professionals who work in the industry, not just the sea of clients who think they’re good.

If the top professionals, the sea of existing and past client recommendations isn’t enough they regularly win national awards for the quality and process they provide.  These aren’t just mickey mouse awards from companies nobody has ever heard of, many of them are associated with the likes of Rightmove.

If you’re concerned you may not receive the same standard of service and care that past clients have, we can confirm that they have held ISO 9001 since 2016.  For those who are not familiar with ISO 9001 it means they are regularly audited and must show they follow a list of set rules, procedures and standards.

Whilst we do think they are the go-to estate agents, we will not think badly of you if you choose to use somebody else.  We can still assist you with your mortgage, you don’t need to be buying or selling through them. We are independent businesses after all.

Should you be interested in a conversation with them, you can find their website at you can call them on 01757 709955 or email them at

We do have some of their documents in our ‘useful documents’ page should they be of interest.

We share our office with them and many find keeping everything under one roof can keep the process simple and streamlined.  With everything under one roof we find the fall through rate exceptionally low.



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